This site does not grant you access to your pay stubs.

Freshdesk is WebSmart's customer support platform.

To access your pay stubs and IRS documents, a WebSmart My Portal account is required. 

If you have an existing account, please see the attached document for instructions on how to access your pay stubs/IRS documents within your My Portal. 

In the instance you forgot your login credentials, you can send an email to with the following information: 

  • Full Legal Name
  • Name of the District where you are employed
  • DOB

The above information will assist when a user has a common name, such as John Adams for example. 

If you don't have a login, again, send an email with the same information above to

Please be aware for security purposes, we require the district's authorized administrator to approve any requests for the following request:

  1. Any requests for a NEW WebSmart account 
  2. Any requests for their account's authorization rights to be modified.

Again, attached is a manual on how to access your pay stubs and/or IRS documents within your My Portal.